This society learns us the fact that failing is *bad* and a shame.
Let me tell you: it is *not*.

Be proud of failing.
You tried something, and even if you did not succeed at your task, you learned something: this way does not work, for this reason.

That's like… The 101 of learning.

Making people ashamed of failing is a really fucked up thing to do.

You *will* fail. If you try something.

It is not a shame.

That's how you go forward. By falling.

And I know how hard you can feel ashamed. That's something that freeze me sometimes. I know perfectly it makes no sense, but still I feel it.

Please know this. It is not. A shame. To try. At anything.

@Electron I tell people all the time that I learn best by failing! It sometimes drives my buddy Nick nuts because I ask him for painting advice and then do things the wrong way anyway because I need to *see* why it’s wrong.

@Electron Absolutely. When I was a teen I had a quote to this point from one of the Roosevelts on my desk and read it constantly because it was so hard to keep going and believe when all I saw was failure.

But I did keep going, and I did learn, and only because one of the first things I learned was that failure is it's own kind of victory.

@Electron Edison may be a bit of a dick, but learning 100 ways not to build a lightbulb is exactly right.

@Electron Y'mean, like failing at being a Senator and becoming Secretary Of State, and failing at that, and running for President twice and failing at that, too, because you're basically a rotten, venal excuse for a human being?

@Electron @dankwraith You learn the most imprortant lessons through failure. Lessons about yourself. For example, that’s how I learned that it’s a bad idea for me to make changes on a production server while high on acid.

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