After yesterday evening where I was mentally drained, I feel strong, full of love, hope and energy.
It feels good and I want to share this with people dear to my heart 💜

Yes, love
I'll share all that with you

In my "normal" state, I'm a lot like that
I really really have a lot of hope, love and energy to share, and I love being able to do it, and even more when I can make people feel better by doing so 💜

And now that I can drink coffee again (moderately, but still) I'll be able to gather more energy to show you all this 💜

Fun fact: I chose my nickname with a random moment of inspiration, but it kinda well reflects how my mind work and who I am

Full of energy, hard to predict (for myself) and everywhere at the same time. :D

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Je parle de tout et de rien, de moi, de geek, dev, technologies, de libre un peu peut être, de féminisme / sujets lgbt+, de trucs plus généraux aussi, je râle, bref tout un paquet de trucs et le tout en 5000 caractères⁽¹⁾ (et j'ai même pas fini) ; mais j'essaie de toujours rester ouverte à tout sujet. :)

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