Don't feel bad or ashamed if you spend your week-end sleeping, resting.

It's *it's purpose*.

And in itself, resting is **not** doing nothing.

It's taking care of yourself, and allowing to gather back some energy. Some time to yourself.

Resting *is* doing something, for you. And it's a good thing to do sometimes.

Yes you're right. But damn it slows me down to need so much fixing

I feel it's like a big mountain: it's hard, you might need assistance, you might feel like losing hope many times, it's very slow, but for fuck's sakes when you're on top you look down and you can be very proud of yourself because holy cow you did it.

@Electron At the same time, the fact that people have to spend so much time recharging during their time off is pretty damning of the life they are being forced to live.

Yeah. But at least if you can't act on this immediately, allowing yourself to rest and not listen to the "it's bad to not do anything, boo" it's already a first step.

My problem is that I want to be using my time off to advance my own interests, not to recharge myself to deal with capitalism again.

Yeah well to do both you need to find your own pace. :| And maybe accept the fact that you can't do as much as you'd like at a time.

It's fuckingly hard.

But it's the only way to move forward, do what you'd like, without exhausting yourself

@Electron I need to constantly, constantly reiterate this to my family. Just because I'm off work doesn't mean they have carte blanche to construct a schedule around my time off.

... Hell I'm nearing my mid-20s. Some autonomy and the ability to say "No" would be nice.

@Electron Damn skippy. Self care is strong, not weak.

@nohsara @Electron there is a deeper problem here than you not resting on the weekend, then

@Electron I study full time, I work full time, I do anarchist stuff some of the time.

Every Sunday I do precisely nothing. It's not a waste of my time. It's the time I have to rest and keep myself from going insane. I could work some more if I wanted, but burnout isn't fun.

Self care means fulfilling the needs of your body. If you don't fulfill your body's needs, it's going to not work right.

If you try to do all the things all the time, you'll end up not being able to do anything at all.

I don't know, if I use the weekend only for resting I always have the feeling I'm doing something wrong. Work/School shouldn't be draining me like this. I'd like to try new stuff on the weekend, but I'm too exhausted for it.

It this really what life should be?

Ideally ; no. But we live in a shitty, draining and careless society, so…

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